How will the recent rash of tech IPOs affect landing that next big technology leader?

on 11 | 13 | 2019

How will the recent rash of tech IPOs affect landing that next big technology leader? Read on to find out. In a recent Forbes post, our CEO Will Hunsinger provides expert opinion on the matter, along with actionable steps you can take if you’re a company exec contemplating how to land the right tech leader who is willing and able to make the necessary contributions to take your company to the next level. Dive in with this excerpt:

Companies must embrace digital transformation if they want to remain competitive. That requires hiring technology leaders who can build disruptive products that make transformation possible in the first place. Through that lens, every company is a technology company. Landing the right technology leader is more essential than it has ever been. But that can be tricky when the technology market itself is producing a series of IPOs or other significant liquidity events that keep talented tech leaders in place.

Extremely smart, savvy tech leaders are the ones creating the most value for companies. With them, the product or service flourishes and the company achieves sustainable growth and market share, which leads to an acquisition or IPO. Technology leaders who have gone through a successful win are in particularly high demand.

This year has been a particularly active one for tech IPOs. Multiple tech leaders in the relatively small field of players will wear the post-IPO badge of honor. What does this momentum mean for private companies that are hoping to attract “proven” tech leaders? Only the most solid recruiting tactics and opportunities will land in-demand candidates. Here’s what you need to know to woo IPO tech pros into your fold.