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We know that companies at different stages have unique challenges and specific needs. In addition to specializing in technology, product, and design roles, Riviera has four practices - three of which focus on various phases of growth, as well as a dedicated European hub.

Our focus creates stronger relationships with the executives who have proven track records of success in the segment most relevant to a client’s specific business. The result: we deliver the right talent to our clients based on their needs, stage, and type of company.

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We understand the growth phases of an early-stage company and focus on its unique needs, from concept through product-market fit; we have made 600+ Seed through Series B placements and have worked with 300+ unicorns

Private Equity

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Dedicated to serving PE-backed companies

We understand the unique challenges of private equity-backed companies and know the seasoned technology and product executives with an industry track record of profitably managing growth through successful exits


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We partner with the most established, large-scale private and publicly traded enterprises, connecting these companies to transformational technology talent at all levels, from mid-level to senior C-suite talent.


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Our dedicated team in Europe focuses on key tech hubs globally, including UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, and more with professionals working across all stages (seed - public) and levels (mid-level through C-Suite)