Riviera Ranks As One of the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work

on 05 | 05 | 2014

We are honored to have recently been named on one of the Best Places to Work by the San Francisco Business Times.

In order to secure a spot on this recurring list, our San Francisco based employees we provided with the Times’ in-depth confidential survey. The questionnaire digs into a wide array of company traits, including culture, transparency, training & development, benefits and leadership. We are incredibly proud that our team rated their satisfaction of these areas, that impact their everyday lives, as very high.

At Riviera, we are committed to delivering the best service and experience and helping people and companies reach their full potential. The ability to do that comes from having a happy, healthy team ourselves. Fostering a great company culture and creating a fun, positive, transparent, safe and creative workplace environment is an absolute priority for us. It’s also not a onetime effort. Rather, it is an ongoing commitment which we continuously strive to improve for the benefit of our team and clients.

It’s only the second time we’ve thrown our hat into the ring, and it’s very inspiring to be selected as one the top 25 of the small companies in the Bay Area.  We couldn’t be happier that our employees deemed us worthy of earning such an awesome title, and we’re set on continuing to make the list for years to come.

If you are interested in being part of an innovative executive search firm, fundamentally changing the industry, where freedom with responsibility is valued and performance is rewarded, we would love to hear from you.