San Francisco Recruiter’s Predictive Analytics Target Tech Talent

on 06 | 10 | 2013

Last week, Managing Partner Ali Behnam spoke with Cindy Waxer of DataInformed to share some insight about our use of data and the resulting efficiency gains we’ve achieved from doing so. At a high level, they spoke of the challenges that out-of-the-box analytics solutions present to companies with unique processes, but focused more specifically on the way Riviera’s homegrown solution applies our own search methodologies (candidate sourcing, scoring, matching, placement) to reduce noise and optimize the entire search life cycle. Today’s talent crunch continues to generate increasing demand for great people and the status quo of the market solutions will be forced to adapt to the new speed of business to stay competitive.

(DataInformed) – There’s no shortage of workforce analytics tools today from vendors including Visier, SAP, IBM and Aon Hewitt. But that’s not stopping some companies from passing up on off-the-shelf options in favor of homemade, proprietary talent-seeking systems.

One such company is Riviera Partners. A San Francisco-based executive search and technical recruiting firm, Riviera Partners matches seasoned techies with some of the Bay Area’s most highly sought-after employers like LinkedIn, Zappos and Dropbox.

Riviera examined a number of applicant tracking systems and analytics tools to manage its matchmaking activities. But according to Ali Behnam, Riviera’s managing partner and co-founder, “These tools were very good at tracking events and activities but lousy at providing real insight.”

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