Young Upstarts – The Language of Hiring

on 05 | 09 | 2014

(Young Upstarts) – The Language Of Hiring: Choosing The Right Words To Find The Best Tech Employees

Now more than ever, the increased competition for talented engineers is forcing technology companies to optimize their hiring strategies. The language used in job listings is particularly important, as that acts as the first barrier to entry for any potential employees. This is where you want to try and create a positive image of the organization so that you can attract the most qualified individuals. At the same time, it’s important to avoid any terms that might deter applicants.

Hiring managers often use phrases in job listings without understanding the exact connotation of the words. Flashy superlatives such as Rock Star, Code Ninja, Unicorn, and Code Monkey are meant to be positive and upbeat, but they’re actually not respected among much of the engineering community and can hurt your chances of acquiring talent. This is especially true of women who are often conditioned by society to avoid that kind of pomp and self-promotion.

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