5 IT Salary Negotiation Tips

on 08 | 13 | 2013

Salary and compensation is a hot button issue for driving career changes. People often wonder if the grass is greener, but when it comes time to make the change, will the numbers add up the way they had anticipated? In an article published by InformationWeek, Partner Eric Larson shares his own insight into what it takes to help candidates get the compensation that they deserve during the interview process.

(InformationWeek) Many job hunters loathe the salary negotiation process, and it’s no wonder: According to a new Staffing and Recruiting Pulse survey from CareerBuilder, two-thirds of candidates are disappointed with employers’ offers. That’s up 6 percentage points from last year. But what makes the process so uncomfortable for job seekers? Nicole Williams, career expert for LinkedIn and founder of career consultancy firm Works, says it has to do with confidence. .

“Many people think that the root of the process that makes salary negotiations uncomfortable is talking about money,” she said. “But what helps is really having the confidence to ask for a fair salary and believing that you deserve it.”

Being prepared before you enter that process will help with confidence, said Eric Larson, partner at executive recruiting firm Riviera Partners. “You need to know what you want and you need to know what you can expect to get,” he said.

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