AlleyWatch – 5 Pro Tips for Onboarding Leaders: The Close is Just the Beginning

on 12 | 16 | 2015

You’ve managed to narrow down the talent pool to that one person who’s the perfect fit, and–even better–they’ve accepted the job. But closing on a deal like this is just the beginning: These early onboarding stages are just as critical as the rest of the hiring processes. Luckily, Rivi Partner Sam Wholley has got you covered with five pro tips to help you successfully onboard leaders.

(AlleyWatch) – 5 Pro Tips for Onboarding Leaders: The Close is Just the Beginning

So you’ve snagged yourself a top-notch leader–nice work! However, just because you’ve closed a deal with your dream VP or C-Level executive doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Once the contract is signed, it’s more important than ever to make them feel welcome. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make sure that once you’ve hooked ‘em, they’ll stay on the line.

#1: Over communicate

As soon as he’s accepted, give him an email address immediately. Even if he hasn’t officially started, you want him to feel like he is already part of the team. We recently had a client relocate a person to California for a new position. The company sent a video welcoming him and a basket of California-specific food items and company swag; things like this will help the new person feel like a part of the family. He should have met with many of the people reporting to him by now–have those people send him an email as well, welcoming him to the team.

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