AlleyWatch – 8 Traits of a Great Startup Product Manager

on 09 | 18 | 2014

Iain Grant, a long standing Partner, here at Riviera shares his thoughts with AlleyWatch regarding several of the key characteristics that he looks for when curating Product leaders for clients.

(AlleyWatch) 8 Traits of a Great Startup Product Manager Many a startup was founded on a great idea, but it takes a great team to make sure that idea doesn’t falter before hitting the go-to-market finish line. The companies that end up with the best product and product design are those who are able to hire a superior VP of Product to lead the charge. Of course, finding this individual isn’t always easy.

One way to make the search easier is to know the characteristics that make a great Product Manager. In my early days of recruiting, I came across a list that I’ve tweaked over the years into eight traits that any recruiter should look for in a search for a VP of Product. The ideal candidate should be:

1. A Curious Being

Great product people tend to notice the sign in the airport that mostly works but could confuse five percent of travelers. The also have an idea for how the dashboard of a car could be designed better, or how a differently-shaped remote control would be easier to use without looking at it. And these are just a few examples. The best candidates are natively interested in how humans interact with everything – not just web sites and apps.

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