AlleyWatch – How To Announce a Job Change

on 11 | 20 | 2018

Finding a new job is almost always a strategic career move and announcing that change to your network should also be approached thoughtfully. Jodi Jefferson from our New York office shares some guidance on how to approach sharing this exciting news with your network.

(AlleyWatch) How To Announce a Job Change

Have you ever thought about the fact that you are your own brand? Every job you start, promotion you earn, skill you develop, or knowledge you gain is shaping who you are and what you can brand and “sell” for other opportunities in the future. With social media at the heart of so many of our interactions it’s critical that you also manage your online brand as cautiously and efficiently as you would navigate searching for a job while employed somewhere else.

As an experienced recruiter I always counsel my candidates on how important it is to be strategic about announcing a job change – it’s an exciting time and while it may feel great in the moment to post to Facebook as soon as you are hired, it’s frequently not the best long-term strategy. It might seem silly to plan so thoughtfully about something as simple as a job change, but the reality is how you announce your news can have long lasting effects on how current and future employers perceive you.

Here are some tips with respect to how I handle my own personal job change announcements as well as my guidance for those I work with:

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