AlleyWatch – The Six Cs of Attracting Talent

on 03 | 16 | 2016

When you’re trying to attract new talent, there are probably a few selling points you have in mind right off the bat. One is most certainly compensation, and the others might be a great valuation and a cool company culture. But did you know there are actually six main factors to consider when hiring? Rivi Founding Partner Michael Morell calls them the six C’s and has laid them out in detail in this recent Alley Watch article.

(AlleyWatch) – The Six C’s of Attracting Talent

When it comes to attracting the top tech talent, a lot of people keep talking about the same things. Namely, big exits and company valuation. But in truth, this is only one element. People consider several other elements beyond just these classifications. They think about how they’re getting to work, they think about the people they’re going to work for, and they think about the job they’ll be doing. We break it down into the Six Cs:

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