At a Premium: High-Touch, Focused Solution for Scaling Engineering Teams

on 09 | 21 | 2012

You’ve raised your capital. You’ve passed proof of concept. And now you’re excitedly entering build mode. But, wait…you need a team of talented engineers to move forward. Where do you turn?

It’s a challenge many emerging companies face. The ability to rapidly scale a top-notch engineering team could be the difference between success and failure. Yet not all organizations have the resources and expertise to effectively recruit the right engineers in the timeframe necessary to build and release their products on time.   Some hire a combination of internal and contingent recruiters to help get the job done.

Managing five to ten contingency firms, however, can be cumbersome and time consuming,  and this approach rarely results in sufficient yield when you need to fill the “top of the funnel,” to achieve scale quickly.  Riviera’s Premium service is an alternative, retained approach for individual contributor-level engineers.

What makes our Premium Service unique? For starters, it’s a client-centric solution that takes your specific business, culture, and goals into account. We provide a focused team led by an engagement manager who works closely with the hiring managers to ensure that all recruiting strategies are aligned. Throughout the relationship, we continue to refine our process and adapt to changes along the way, providing weekly reports to track progress and show results—against mutually agreed upon metrics. In short, it’s a very personal, focused effort around your needs.

Furthermore, we leverage Riviera Partners’ proven tools and technologies to attract a high volume of candidates. Currently, we “touch” approximately 2,000 candidates per month, taking advantage of this flow to identify top-quality candidates that meet your criteria. This also enables us to scale our recruiting efforts, whether filling 10 or 40 positions for your organization, with various levels of experience, skill, and competency. Our consistent, integrated approach also helps create synergy among your new hires before they even walk into your door, ensuring the best match for your company.

Riviera Partners’ Premium service emphasizes the “candidate experience”—from initial call through offer acceptance—and work with your hiring managers and other employees to ensure your company is putting its best foot forward to demonstrate why a top engineer should work for your company when deciding between multiple, compelling opportunities.

“It’s a high-touch, collaborative effort and a true partnership between Riviera Partners and our clients,” says Jennifer Holmstrom, Director of Premium Service at Riviera Partners. “We work in close partnership with our clients to deliver the best service and experience for both the company and the candidates.”

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