Behind the Scenes: Work-Life Integration at Rivi

on 01 | 29 | 2015

There’s a lot of talk about work-life balance nowadays, and the concept  is promoted as part of the culture at many companies. At Riviera, we subscribe to a more comprehensive approach: supporting the quest for work-life integration. We’re huge advocates of you living your best life, which means integrating your holistic self. We believe that happiness comes not from separating work and lifestyle by focusing on the professional self 9-to-5 and the personal self the rest of the time, but from maximizing and simply being yourself all the time. Our goal is to help our employees to thrive in both worlds without feeling like they’re cheating on either side of the equation; the result is successful and happy people who are able to accomplish everything they want.

To promote work-life integration, Rivi continually invests in both our own and external system and tools in order to deliver a consistent experience to everyone–no matter where you are. You do not have to physically be in the office to truly feel like you’re a part of the team and get things done. Whether it be team meetings or one on ones or All Hands, we want you to be able to participate wherever you are. Rivi supports everything from communication, screen sharing and audio tools to project management and file sharing. Ultimately, we want to ensure that even those participating remotely feel like they’re actually in the room.

All of our employees have the freedom with responsibility to work remotely; it’s simply a matter of taking ownership and establishing the most efficient and productive schedule that you need for the given day. And if you need to hit pause at any point, you can hit pause. Our tools and culture provide the flexibility to be agile.

Rivi’s vacation without boundaries program is another way we encourage work-life integration. If you need a day, you get to declare that for yourself. We take the same stance on holidays–they’re not declared at the beginning of the year. Instead, you get to tell us which days off are important to you.

We also understand the value of downtime throughout the day and offer a variety of perks to make it easier to unwind together away from your desk. Boot camp, catered lunches, fun activities and competitions, bake offs, outings and volunteering are some of the many options available for Rivi employees.

At the end of the day, there’s a huge ripple effect by keeping employees happy and healthy first and foremost. It benefits their families, clients, candidates and colleagues and, ultimately, this is what leads to the success of the company.

Want to learn more about the Rivi work culture? Contact Iva Messy, Head of Talent.