Betting on the Jockey: Leadership More Important Than Ever

on 07 | 17 | 2023

In the dynamic world of technology, the desire for stability is often used as a key measure when it comes to evaluating new job opportunities. This stability is usually framed around the traditional metrics such as ‘job security’ and ‘profitability of the business’. However, the latest data from our survey on the future of tech leadership suggests that the metric of stability is being redefined and that employers may be underestimating the true value of quality leadership.


The Undeniable Importance of Quality Leadership

Our recent survey reveals that leadership quality is increasingly becoming the most important factor when tech leaders are considering new opportunities. This is a remarkable shift, as both employers and potential candidates highlighted “leadership” as the guiding star for executive hiring and role acceptance. Interestingly, there is a disparity between what employers said they perceive as important candidate priorities, which remained weighted on the traditional metrics of stability.

Traditionally, employers have enticed prospective candidates with benefits such as flexible Work-From-Home policies, strong company culture and mission, or the appeal of a burgeoning market segment. However, it’s crucial to note that our survey data suggests that these elements are now viewed as standard prerequisites – “table stakes,” if you will – by top candidates. The real deal-maker or breaker lies in the perceived quality of leadership within the organization.


Leadership: The Common Denominator

Out of the top three factors isolated from both employers and candidates, leadership emerged as the only common denominator, highlighting its pivotal role in the decision-making process for both parties. With the increasingly volatile nature of the tech industry and the continued ripple effects of global events, it makes sense that potential candidates are looking towards the helm of the company. They are evaluating the quality of the leadership to ensure that the organization can navigate through choppy waters and emerge stronger.

The responsibility on the employer’s side, then, is to showcase their leadership quality. They need to clearly communicate their leaders’ visions, their approach to tackling challenges, their track record of resilience in the face of adversity, and how they foster an environment that encourages growth and innovation.


Redefining Stability: Leadership Above All

In essence, what we’re witnessing is a redefinition of what constitutes stability in the tech industry. While job security and business profitability are important, they’re no longer the primary determining factors for tech leaders exploring new opportunities. The ability to lead effectively, with clarity, empathy, and agility, is more valuable than ever.

This shift may require some organizations to reassess their approach to recruitment and talent acquisition. Those who recognize and adapt to this change will likely find themselves with a competitive edge, attracting top talent who value quality leadership and the stability it brings.

The future of tech leadership seems to hinge on the quality of leadership more than ever before. The pandemic has clearly shown us the importance of having effective leaders who can guide companies through turbulent times, and this trend seems set to continue in the foreseeable future.