Brazen Life – Hot Tech Trends

on 07 | 31 | 2014

If you’re trying to sniff out the next hot tech trend, you might think to run to your closest venture capitalist friend. After all, VCs have a good idea of where all the money is going. But did you know that a recruiter is also a great source for insight? In fact, we may be even better at predicting new trends because we have unique visibility on a whole range of investments in the startup space. But really, the best way to get a glimpse at the potential future is to observe a variety of sources. Partner Iain Grant discusses what those are in this article on Brazen Life.

(Brazen Life) – Hot Tech Trends: A Sneaky Technique for Predicting What Will Be Hot This Year

If you’re looking for a formula to predict the next big tech trend, stop looking now. You won’t find a foolproof formula. The VCs behind the top firms prove again and again that they clearly have something going for them — although I’m not one to say whether that’s simply their incredibly intuitive gut or a complex equation locked in a vault behind a couple of large Rottweilers.

What I can tell you is that other than the big brains at VC firms, one of the best people to ask about the next big thing in tech is your friendly neighborhood tech recruiter. Specifically one who is privy to a broad portfolio of clients spanning a wide array of Tier 1 VCs.

The fact is, we have an advantage because we see across the whole range of their recent investments. This gives us unique visibility to the startups that will most likely be successful. We can spot the trends before anyone else.

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