Data Informed – Three Traits That Characterize Workforce Analytics Success

on 08 | 29 | 2013

As a followup to a previous piece published in Data Informed about how the Riviera team is using data to help guide our business processes, Ali Behnam once again shared his perspective on how we measure and quantify our successes. The article highlights the insight that we are able to derive and identifies the top three data management capabilities that successful companies are demonstrating.

(Data Informed) – Three Traits That Characterize Workforce Analytics Success

It’s no coincidence that since rolling out its proprietary workforce analytics system, San Francisco-based executive search firm Riviera Partners has cut its search time for candidates by a third and has increased revenue per head by 52 percent over the past year. In fact, when research firm i4cp delved into how companies make the most of their workforce data, stark differences emerged between so-called high-performance and low-performance organizations.

When asked about the secret of its success, Riviera Partners cited unique factors such as a proprietary workforce analytics system and an impressive database of candidates that enable recruiters to match techies with some of the Bay Area’s most highly sought-after employers liked LinkedIn, Zappos and Dropbox. But, according to Carol Morrison, a senior research analyst with Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and author of its “Workforce Planning: Data Choices for High Performance” report, there are common traits among companies like Riviera that enable them to achieve workforce analytics success.

Here are the top three data management capabilities demonstrated by companies with an enviable workforce analytics track record:

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