Dice – In Tech, ‘Age’ Is About ‘Experience’

on 08 | 29 | 2013

There has been a good amount of buzz surrounding our recent venture to help strengthen the engineering ecosystem, and Dice spoke with COO John Simonelli to learn a bit more. In doing so, they spoke on the broader topic of hiring and discussed how the technology marketplace assesses talent in terms of experience, with little relation to age.

(Dice) – In Tech, ‘Age’ Is About ‘Experience’

In hopes of broadening the technology talent pool, San Francisco staffing firm Riviera Partners has teamed with Code Path to offer a free class in Android development to engineers. The six-week class began last week. The average experience level of those attending: 4.5 years.

“We wanted to take experienced engineers and give them a new skill,” Riviera Partners COO John Simonelli said of the class, taught live by Code Path founders Nathan Esquenazi and Timothy Lee. It plans to repeat the class in October, and offer sessions on iOS development as well.

However, the age of the attendees illustrates how, in technology, the term “experienced” is relative.

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