TechCrunch Disrupt – Value Added Services and VC Talent Partners

on 09 | 13 | 2013

This week  marked TechCrunch’s annual TC Disrupt in San Francisco. One of the many panels to take place at the event was The Investor Perspective, which featured execs from Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, Sequoia and Index talking about the relative merits of value-added services performed by VC firms.

Unsurprisingly, recruiting was a hot topic among the people that fund startups. Many VC firms are starting to employ talent partners to help the companies in their portfolios find and hire the right talent, particularly at the executive level. These partners oftentimes reach out to firms like Riviera to help manage the search process, and we can then help them to find the best hires. But, as Mike Volpii of Index Ventures astutely points out in the panel discussion, do VC firms really need talent partners if they’re not doing the actual recruiting?

In reality, the VC talent partners’ value add doesn’t necessarily lie in performing the actual process of recruiting for the companies. Rather, his or her job is to ensure the founders are properly guided to find the best talent to help them grow. By partnering with Riviera, together we are able to surface great candidates in a highly efficient manner, make quicker matches, and leverage the VC relationships to close candidates quicker. And that means startups can get on with business, which is good for everyone. Watch the conversation below: