Filter Failure, Process Automation and Customer Happiness

on 11 | 24 | 2014

To improve business, you must improve yourself. That’s not a famous quote, but maybe it should be. One of the most effective ways to make a business better is to continually learn new things. The Web Summit conference in Dublin, Ireland provided an excellent venue for us to do just that.

Web Summit brought together thousands of leaders, innovators and “geeks” from all corners of the tech sphere, with more than 500 speakers representing a vast range of companies, from classic conglomerates to media entities to burgeoning startups. When presented with such a diverse spectrum of topics, you’re bound to learn something.

There were several themes that were weaved into the conference. Unsurprisingly, one of those was data, something we’re familiar with here at Riviera. These days, the amount of data flying around seems limitless, but one speaker argued that there’s no such thing as data overload, just filter failure. In other words, we just need the right tools–and people–in place to properly manage that data. (We couldn’t agree more.)

Another hot topic was automation: rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, take a boring business process and automate it. This is a theme we’ve started implementing. By automating certain parts of the recruiting service (which we know isn’t the most exciting thing on earth), we’re trying to make the experience better by applying technology. Taking old school (manual) services and blending them with technology drives more efficiency and transparency.

Finally, there was a theme of user interaction and understanding. Businesses should talk to customers and delight them, and write the product, service or company story from a customer perspective. Let the end user inspire and determine what’s built. At the end of the day, the goal is customer happiness and satisfaction.

As we look ahead at Riviera, we are adopting these principles into our own systems. We’re taking data and applying a filter of both technology and human expertise to create the most efficient and transparent process. This is all part of our effort to provide our customers with the best service and push the industry forward.