HC Online – Using Big Data to Evaluate Cultural Fit

on 10 | 09 | 2014

The potential to optimize the recruiting funnel by leveraging big data appears incredibly promising. As technology advances, the ability to derive meaning from different data sets concerning candidate information during the recruiting process can help provide clarity to employers and create better hires. However, is it possible to rely on data and technology alone? In an article with HC Online, Ali Behnam shares a quick thought of his own on the subject matter.

(HC Online) – Using ‘Big Data’ to Evaluate Cultural Fit

Reviewing a CV to evaluate a job seeker’s credentials and experience is becoming perfectly provincial to some employers, who choose to vet their applicants using ‘big data’ in a big way.

A number of organisations are moving beyond automatic keyword matching by using more sophisticated analyses, such as recruitment technology firm Electronic Insight.

The firm doesn’t look at an applicant’s skills, career history and experience when analysing CVs on behalf of clients. In fact, instead of analysing what the applicant is saying, they analyse how they say it.

“We just look at what people write and how they structure their sentences,” Marc Mapes, Electronic Insight’s chief innovation officer, told BBC News Business.

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