Fortune – How to Choose the Right Tech Recruiter

on 03 | 10 | 2016

If you’re a developer with a litany of hot coding languages in your tool belt (and on your LinkedIn profile), chances are you’re getting hit up by recruiters left and right for new opportunities. For those who are on the market for a new role, sorting through all the clutter can be a nightmare–how do you know what’s truly legit? That’s where having a real live human recruiter comes in handy–someone you can trust and who knows what they’re doing. Rivi Founding Partner Ali Behnam gave some advice on how to find this person in a recent Fortune article.

(Fortune) – How to Choose the Right Tech Recruiter

Your best bet is a referral from someone you know.

Dear Annie: How do I go about finding a recruiter who will help me change jobs? I’ve been unhappy with my current company for a while now, and I’d like to negotiate for a better deal than I have here. I have 11 years of experience as a software developer, and for the past year or two I’ve gone out of my way to get familiar with languages — Scala, Apple Xcode, Ruby on Rails — that I know are “hot” right now.

Like every other developer I know, I’m getting 50 spams a day from “recruiters” who claim to have job offers and, while some of them might be legit, it’s hard to tell, so I’m just deleting them. I tried contacting a couple of recruiting firms, but so far no one has gotten back to me. Any suggestions on locating a human being who will work with me on finding my next job? — Silicon Alleycat

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