Iain Grant Named As A Partner

on 07 | 15 | 2011

Posted by: Rivi Team

We are pleased to announce that veteran recruiter Iain Grant has received the nod and has been named as an official Partner to Riviera. Since his arrival to the Riviera family back in February of last year, Iain’s ability to leverage his 20+ years of industry experience, customer-first mentality and charming British accent has served him well to help him rapidly rise within the ranks. While his work here is just beginning, we are pleased that he chose to make the bold career leap from the Client/Professional Services realm into search.

Iain has played a valuable role in the successful growth of our Retained Search practice and is responsible for single-handedly closing 9 separate Executive-level searches in his still blossoming career at Riviera. As a Partner, Iain most likely will now find himself longingly missing the free time he used to have; clients already openly request his leadership for their searches, and we anticipate his client (and placement) list will only grow longer.

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