Inc. – Meet a Start-Up With a Big Data Approach to Hiring

on 09 | 19 | 2013

The technology industry is booming thanks to the waves of new startups cropping up on a seemingly daily basis. And there’s no shortage of skilled candidates to fill the positions required to get these companies up and running. So why is hiring so difficult? The problem is that the recruiting process is broken. Luckily, there’s good news on the horizon – companies are starting to leverage technology to keep up the speed of today’s workforce.

Over the last two years, Riviera has helped incubate an exciting, new service called Whitetruffle, a tech recruiting platform that allows companies to source job candidates at no cost. Riviera’s founders Michael Morell and Ali Behnam partnered with Whitetruffle CEO Alex Deve to devise a different way to help startups find engineering talent. There was a collective recognition between the three of them that the recruiting process had much to gain by capitalizing on today’s technology advancements. Guided by an idea of what could be done to change the space, Whitetruffle was born. Today, Whitetruffle’s proprietary technology scans about 50 categories of signals in candidate profiles and job requirements to ensure that the right candidate is matched with a relevant position. Michael,  Ali and Alex sat down with Inc. to discuss the new platform.

(Inc.) – Meet a Start-Up With a Big Data Approach to Hiring

A recent survey from Silicon Valley Bank asked start-up founders and technology executives to name their biggest challenges. About 90 percent listed “finding talent” among their chief concerns.

It makes sense. In Silicon Valley, the life and death of your start-up can literally depend on your earliest hires. Unfortunately, the process of finding them–using recruiters, job boards, LinkedIn, or even word of mouth–isn’t always easy.

Alex Deve, the co-founder and CEO of Whitetruffle, an 8-person start-up in San Francisco, thinks he can change that. How? The answer, he says, is in the cloud.

“Our vision is to become almost like a Pandora for hiring,” says Deve. “We can serve both candidates and companies what they really like.”

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