Inc. – Meet The Next Generation of Job Search Sites

on 10 | 08 | 2014

Where will the future of recruiting take us next? Will technology and data replace the traditional means of cold calls and manual resume reviews? One thing we do know is that the market certainly appears bullish when it comes to devising a tech-forward way to take the headache out of recruiting. Michael Morell shares a few of his thoughts about the future of the industry in a post published by Inc. concerning the role of human interaction and the importance it will play throughout the process as more companies look to derive a tech-only approach.

(Inc.) – Meet The Next Generation of Job Search Sites

Ten years ago, searching for jobs on the Web was no better than skimming the classifieds. Now, a handful of new sites are trying to fix that.

“We don’t want to show you 1,000 matches and have you rate them Tinder-style,” says Poachable co-founder Tom Leung. “We want you to hear from us five to six times a year because we only have spot-on matches for you.”

Perhaps my most vivid post-college memory is of filling out my profile on I was working as a hostess at McCormick & Schmick’s and my father’s suggestion that I “get a real job” was starting to sound pretty reasonable.

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