Introducing Snap: A Rivi App Designed for Companies

on 06 | 25 | 2015

“How should things change?”  “What can we be doing differently?”  “How do we really deliver the best service and experience to our customers?”

These are the types of questions we have been asking ourselves over the past year or so while we’ve been focused on building out our internal application, Sutro. The discussions around these questions have also led us to embark on a path that we believe is unique in the agency recruiting business. We first looked externally and studied available tools in the market; we then looked internally and scrutinized our own recruiting methodologies and outcomes; and these exercises made it clear how to push ahead. We have decided that “breaking things” is the only way that we’re ever really going to change not only what and how we do things, but hopefully, fundamentally change the client and candidate experience in recruiting.

To change how recruiting and hiring are done, we’ve been building out both the tech and the associated team, including a Partner dedicated to technology and a VP of Engineering. They’ve been hard at work developing technology for Sutro, and now we’re going after the real differentiator–one that’s designed to create the smoothest, most efficient and most transparent experience for recruiters, companies and prospective candidates alike. This latest release is Snap, a client-facing app that provides a real-time view into the hiring process.

One thing that is lacking in the recruiting process, especially when it involves agency recruiters, is transparency. However, transparency is key to making the hiring process work because it allows us to pinpoint and address the issues which hinder progression or, worse yet, not putting the best candidate in the seat. In this industry, the hiring process is typically black box with a lot of  smoke and mirrors, but we’re committed to being open and transparent, and providing the best possible service to our customers, on both sides of the deal.

Snap provides a transparent view into a company’s individual project and benchmarks progress against comparable projects. Using the app, companies can interact with the recruiter in real-time as the hiring process moves forward. They can also check in on the status of the hiring process at any time, and will get the same metrics view of project performance as the recruiter. This transparency into every point in the funnel allows companies and recruiters to monitor progress together and address challenges accordingly, thereby making the entire process more efficient.

Many search firms wouldn’t release something like this because it goes against the nature of all recruiters. And in fact, no one else is providing visible metrics and benchmarks – or allowing companies to interact in this manner at all.

Additionally, Snap will allow companies to collaborate with both internal and external parties as part of the process. Hiring teams can interact on multiple levels, capturing feedback, controlling and planning the process, and sharing information across the decision makers, as desired. Soon, companies will even be able to directly schedule candidate interviews via the Rivi App Suite.

Finding the best match between company and employee is the goal, and its often a challenging journey.  We believe increased transparency and interaction on all levels will not only reduce the challenge but also provide long term benefits to all parties.

Snap is currently available in beta to our clients. Want to try it out? Click here to get in touch with Rivi.