Rivi’s Third Wave of Tech Hires

on 06 | 04 | 2015

The Push to Expand: Growing the Team

In our quest to build our technology platform to its fullest potential, Rivi started to build a complete in-house development team, including a VP of Engineering and a Partner dedicated to tech. The first two waves of hires were able to bring the development of Sutro in-house, but we quickly realized we wanted to create more than just a tool for recruiters. We wanted to expand in order to provide the end-to-end experience of a true full-stack business, which in our case, includes apps for clients and candidates as well as recruiters. For this, there was a renewed push to hire and grow the team.

Majed drew on his network and connection to bring in Ruby Wang, who was the first addition focused totally on data science and algorithms. She’s currently working on the Rivi API and the matching analysis for our matching algorithm.  With the success of our initial efforts around matching, we wanted to bring in additional talent to move this effort further on an accelerating pace. Says Ruby about coming to Rivi: “It’s so exciting to build products from scratch with a team of talented engineers and make a big impact on the product.” When she’s not getting all mathematical, Ruby indulges in her Netflix addiction.

Next was Merve Kovan-Bakan, who previously worked at Webkite on their Facebook app, and spent some time working with our partners at Women Who Code. She’s currently working on allowing data and gesture within the apps, building out the API and making sure everything is cohesive. Says Merve about coming to Rivi: “I immediately felt like I fit, both in terms of what I get to work on and the people I get to work with.” In her downtime, Merve is exploring California by camping and hiking her way around the state. If you run into her, ask her to break out into a Turkish folk dance–we hear she knows her steps.

We also brought on Latif Sebbane, who has been helping Rivi develop Snap, our client app that’s currently in beta. He has been committed to ensuring the app is completely transparent for users on both sides.​ Latif comes to us from Netpulse where he was responsible for building the Netpulse administration application. Says Latif about coming to Rivi: “The team and the tools we get to use are truly ahead of the curve.” He’s obsessed with cupcakes, and you can find him playing or watching soccer in his downtime.

We also moved Eugene Chinveeraphan up through the ranks. Eugene started at Rivi five years ago as an intern, then became a recruiter. Now, he’s on the tech team doing data reporting and analysis. His efforts on aggregating information available on the web and from paid databases, and incorporating that info into the RiviApps has been critical to our tech development.

All told, we’re running strong with a team of 10 tech experts–and we’re not slowing down. You can expect Rivi to continue the hiring and doing it in our signature creative style.

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