Joining a Sleeper Tech Company

on 06 | 04 | 2019

It’s been quite an interesting few weeks.I told friends and colleagues that I was joining Riviera Partners after working in ‘traditional’ tech startups and successful companies. People knew Riviera’s brand and reputation, but I still got a few quizzical looks about the change. I think this is because people think of recruiting firms like I used to – stuffy offices, endless phone calls, internet searches and a stack of resumes that require sifting and sorting.

But, Riviera isn’t a typical retained search firm. It’s a unique group of technology experts who know and work with companies that are disrupting industries and bringing innovative solutions to market. It’s a team of partners who are all connected to wickedly smart engineering and product people, and who know how to build rock star teams.It’s also a technology company – at its core – revolutionizing an industry that is historically stuck in the old school way of doing things. Riviera’s proprietary recruiting platform uses machine learning, a proven methodology, and a vast community of candidates to solve one of the biggest challenges facing any organization: finding and landing the right tech talent.

Traditional placement firms can only scale at the rate that their recruiters’ contact databases grow. Riviera is different. The platform collects and normalizes data from internal and external sources, cataloging numerous interaction points from our near 20 year history.It uses machine learning to match these deep, nuanced candidate profiles to companies, cultures, and open positions to build a list of candidates that fit –better and fasterthan traditional methods. The data is available to every recruiter and partner in the organization, meaning that everyone enjoys the benefit of their colleagues’ contacts and expertise.Not only that, the platform also provides transparency into the process for Riviera clients, dramatically reducing the headaches involved in hiring. This organization can scalepreciselybecauseof its technology.

Add the collective experience of the founders and partners, the company’s deep roots in the tech industry, and the unrelenting focus on delivering the best tech leaders to companies and positions where they can create the most value, and you have a win…a big one. I am humbled to be part of it.

I joined Riviera during the funding process that we announced today. I’ve never been more impressed with the quality of the team, the ethics of the partners, and the vision of the organization. So, when asked about my choice to join a recruiting firm, I simply explain that I’ve joined a tech firm that is disrupting the recruiting industry. Not only do people get it, but they also quickly share in my excitement of the opportunity ahead.