Mashable – Big Data Is Changing the Game for Recruiters

on 06 | 18 | 2014

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Big Data is the future of recruiting. It looks like our prediction is catching on, too. The folks over at Mashable recently reached out to get our take on this “people analytics” approach to talent search, and Riviera co-founder and managing partner Ali Behnam provided insight into what it takes to employ this approach effectively.

(Mashable) – Big Data Is Changing the Game for Recruiters

There is a human-resources future out there — one in which online resume databases, social media profiles, records of employment, and even scanned business cards and job applications come together to identify the best prospect in a crowd.

It is a future driven by big data — a powerful analytical approach that is simultaneously changing the way recruitment happens and re-emphasizing that it is the recruiter, not the talent, who is at the core of the process.

The future of recruiting

“Big data is the future of recruiting, but you can’t just data mine your way to the right candidate,” says Ali Behnam, co-founder and managing partner of Riviera Partners. “You need the right tools, the right combination of external and internal variables and — most importantly — the right people who know how to analyze all of it.”

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