Nibletz – How To Snatch Up The Best Tech Talent

on 12 | 02 | 2013

In a marketplace dense with competition for engineers, hiring the talent needed to scale is a crucial component to any startup’s growth. If you’ve constructed your company roadmap and are garnering interest and support from the community, you’re in a great position to attract talent. However, many companies find themselves falling short when it comes to actually hiring the people who have expressed interest in partnering up. Our recruiters, Mike Bearden and Mike Tumasian, share a few tips with the startup website Nibletz about how companies can optimize their hiring processes to land the talent they need.

(Nibletz) – How To Snatch Up The Best Tech Talent

When it comes to hiring the right talent, some startups excel at attracting and closing great engineers, while others run into trouble in this area. If you find yourself falling into the latter category, don’t fret–our recruiters are here to help with some advice.

Our team specializes in the technology sector (specifically within emerging markets), so we understand what it takes for startups to land in-demand engineers. We do it every day and we put together the following tips to help you get those positions filled.

Have a good understanding of where your company stands–and hire accordingly

Most startups can’t compete with the compensation packages from–or the reputations of–companies like NetFlix, Google and Facebook. The good news is that most engineers understand this. Great engineers with degrees from the likes of MIT, Stanford and Berkeley will come to the startup world for the challenge, collaboration and impact. If you’re one of 10,000 engineers at a huge company, moving to a smaller team of ten where you can provide input on architectural decisions and strategy can have huge appeal.

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