Our Talent Platform: The RiviApps Suite

on 08 | 27 | 2015

In case you missed it: We believe that full-stack business is the future of recruiting. That’s why we’ve been hard at work creating a tech platform that serves all three spokes in the recruiting wheel–recruiters, companies and talent. The RiviApps suite is a unique and cohesive system that engages all three parties while providing real-time transparency into the recruiting process, thus reducing friction and increasing efficiency. Tying all of these things together provides a true end-to-end experience that benefits everyone.

For one, companies can interact with the recruiter in real-time as the hiring process moves forward. They can also check in on the status of the hiring process at any time and will get the same metrics view of project performance as the recruiter. This transparency into every point in the funnel allows companies and recruiters to monitor progress together and address challenges accordingly, thereby making the entire process more efficient. Additionally, they’ll be able to evaluate candidates based on different criteria and be able to assess potential matches by changing the weighting of various priorities. Ultimately, companies can also choose the level of recruiter help desired, which lets them operate within varying pricing parameters.

On the talent side, people are going to find the recruiting process much less time-consuming. They won’t be constantly contacted by recruiters; rather, they’ll be served only relevant deals, which will get better over time as the app learns their preferences. They can also choose their level of engagement with both companies and recruiters–they have the option to interact directly with companies if desired. Recruiters will act more as career advisors, as the majority of matching (and “pitching”) will be handled by the technology. Plus, the platform will play host to a community of like-minded individuals, as well as valuable resources for both active and passive candidates, such as advice on resume building, how to conduct yourself in an interview and what types of roles make the most sense based on a desired career path.

With RiviApps suite, the recruiter role is vastly different than what we’ve become used to in the traditional approach. There’s always going to be a human element in decision making, but we think recruiter focus should be on the relationship, engagement and negotiating side of equation. We want recruiters to be able to spend more time on these high-value elements, versus time-sucking tasks like scheduling meetings and sifting through profiles trying to find people–technology can handle those things just fine. Now, recruiters can spend their time meeting with people and developing relationships, which allows them to assess intangible factors that enable better company/talent matches. Their role in this “new world order” is much more about consulting. That’s a critical part of the process that only a human can do, and there’s no reason for it to change.

We’re using the machine to augment and amplify what the recruiter does best. A human can only match across maybe a dozen or so jobs; with a machine, it’s infinite. And technology can take in more variables to optimize matches based on preferences. Additionally, tech provides blanket of transparency across all three parties that helps them all make better decisions faster. It’s a true human + machine approach: The human element improves machine, and vice versa. That’s the differentiation between Rivi and the rest.