Quartz – Recruiters use these signals to determine when someone is ready to switch jobs

on 07 | 21 | 2015

Here’s stating the obvious: The best engineers are often already working for another company. How, then, is a burgeoning tech startup to get its hands on said engineers? For one, it’s good to know when these people might be ready to jump ship. There are a variety of signals that can help you determine when someone is ready to switch jobs. Ali Behnam talks about several in this Quartz article.

(Quartz) – Recruiters use these signals to determine when someone is ready to switch jobs

In Silicon Valley, there are two universal truths for tech companies: The first is that finding office space is hard. The other is that finding good engineers is really hard.

Tech recruiters certainly have a tall task in front of them: With a firm cap on visas for highly skilled foreign workers, a large source of the talent pool comes from those who are already gainfully employed with six-figure salaries and used to perks like free lunches, on-site haircuts(paywall), and monthly maid service.

In the face of these challenges, Ali Behnam, managing partner at the recruiting firm Riviera Partners, says his company’s strategy is to figure out when potential candidates are ready to switch jobs—often before they know it themselves.

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