Recruiting As a Career: Being the Brand Ambassador

on 02 | 23 | 2016

In many ways, we as recruiters are brand ambassadors for both our clients and the candidates we present to them. This gives us the unique opportunity to represent both sides of the equation. For us, that means being a market knowledge expert and representing our clients with passion and enthusiasm, as well as presenting the unique skills and needs of each candidate.

At Rivi, we have our finger on the pulse of the technology landscape, and it’s up to us to share this market knowledge with the people we work with in order to give them the best insight, service and experience possible. These days, engineers are bombarded by recruiters, so we want to provide extraordinary service, and we really care about building relationships. We strive to learn what motivates a candidate and what’s most important to them, whether it’s holding the number one spot in the engineering org (e.g. a step-up) or perhaps just a shorter commute.

To be a great recruiter you need to understand all the different reasons why this person may switch from job to another, and often it’s even one great company to another. By taking the time to understand people and really getting to know their personal interests and career goals, we can best represent all the things that matter to them to our clients. Each candidate brings something different to a prospective employer–no two people are the same.

With our clients, we have an in-person kickoff and work closely with them throughout the process to get a good grasp of what they care about and truly become a part of their hiring team. This allow us to fully show our enthusiasm for our clients and the passion around their business and product.

We take pride in representing our clients both accurately and positively. This starts with diving into the minds of the founders and leaders of these companies to understand from where their passion for their product stems. We get a complete picture of their vision for the product and company, as well as how they see their employees contributing to that vision. In doing so, we become invested in their vision as well, and we’re able to represent them to candidates with excitement–and complete transparency. This lets us inspire interest and excitement in the people we approach as well.

And the best part? We get to be actively involved in building some of the most innovative and influential technical teams and companies while working with some of the smartest and most passionate people in the industry.

Aaron Ho, Dylan Hanour + Erin Jensen contributed to this piece