Recruiting as a Career: Honing Your Skills

on 04 | 05 | 2016

When you first graduate from college, it can be a bit of a challenge to find a job that’s a good fit for your skill and experience level while still providing the opportunity to tackle challenges and gain valuable experience for the future. It’s the classic Catch-22: you need a career that provides a lot of experience, but that doesn’t require much experience.

Recruiting is one of a handful of careers where you can come in on the ground floor and immediately start learning a variety of lasting and useful skills–particularly at Riviera. Plenty of us start out with absolutely zero training in recruiting, but you can still start on your first day and learn everything on the job.

As we’re a data-driven company, you learn very quickly to keep the data healthy and stay extremely organized. At any given time, you’ll be working with 10 clients who each may have 20 candidates they may want to work with, so it’s key to keep track of many moving parts.

Related to that, you’ll get some very well-honed time management skills. You learn to juggle many things (skillfully) at the same time, while being able to prioritize what needs to get done to make sure clients are happy and candidates are moving along in process. Plus, Rivi is very flexible, so getting your work done efficiently allows you to maximize your free time. (Downtime is important, too!)

You also get to take your communication skills and turn that into a job you enjoy–while perfecting those skills. It’s critical that you convey your message with right tone, and get your point across succinctly and clearly. It’s your time to shine when advising clients and candidates, and you have to make sure every word counts.

Then of course there are tons of opportunities to learn all the ins-and-outs of the tech industry (which let’s be honest, is so hot right now). At Rivi, you have the ability to work with a large variety of clients, which gives you access to those touch points to learn about what all the startups are doing and what their goals are. And then you get to help them reach those goals.

Truly, the people here are great. Everyone is very driven and hard-working, and will do anything to get the job done. And at the end of the day, surrounding yourself with that is an invaluable learning experience in and of itself.

Amanda Sarkowsky is an Associate at Riviera supporting the executive search practice.