Recruiting Blogs – The Application of Big Data in Recruitment Marketing

on 05 | 08 | 2015

(Recruiting Blogs) – The Application of Big Data in Recruitment Marketing

The role of the HR pro is drastically changing, as well as the role of recruiters. Even those smaller, sort of autopilot tasks are evolving with data-driven changes. As recruiters pick up and learn one tool, another, more sophisticated tool comes along to replace it. Well, the recruitment tool of right now is big data. Big data can be utilized in almost any area of business, but right now let’s talk about big data and its application in recruitment marketing.

“What’s certain is that big data is the future of job recruiting and development, and understanding how to make sense of it will be critical to a company’s success. These days, big data is helping fast-growing companies find their perfect engineers, developers and executives.” – Michael A. Morell, Riviera Partners

As the role of the recruiter evolves, recruiters are picking up several of the skills that traditionally marketers have required, but they are also becoming quite the data analysts (don’t worry, reporting and analysis tools do most of the heavy lifting). Recruiters are now using data-driven recruitment marketing to strategically attract and retain quality talent – both mounting concerns for the majority of business leaders.

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