Rivi Teams Up with The Leaderboard for the Rails Challenge

on 04 | 22 | 2015

We’re nothing if not passionate about career development here at Rivi, which is why we partner with many organizations and initiatives that provide engineers with ways to improve and show off their skills. Recently, we’ve joined forces with The Leaderboard–brainchild of Nick Kellermeyer and Jeff Lunt–on the Rails Challenge, a coding challenge that began as a concept for finding undiscovered Rails talent and getting them a job. The challenge involves building a complete Rails app to spec from some starter code, and more than 400 developers submitted interest in the days leading up the challenge.

A panel of judges (currently confidential) will select three winners from all the competitors, and then Rivi will work with the winners on finding a new position. Competitors also have the opportunity to win schwag from one of the challenge sponsors. The challenge is now officially live and will be running until April 26. For more information (or to sign up), visit the Rails Challenge website.