SF Chronicle – Unease over immigration hurting tech recruiting

on 02 | 14 | 2017

Concerns over the recent immigration policy in the U.S. are causing much uncertainty across the nation. As we continue to watch for what happens next, the technical workforce is keeping an even closer eye on the matter and preparing contingency plans to mitigate risks. Riviera’s COO Will Hunsinger shares a few thoughts on how Bay Area tech companies who may be affected are responding.

(San Francisco Chronicle) Unease over immigration hurting tech recruiting

Facing uncertainty about their prospects for working in the U.S. and wary of exposing themselves and their families to complications with their immigration status, some tech workers are choosing to put any plans to change jobs on hold, recruiters say.

Workers are worried that President Trump’s actions against immigrants are “not just a temporary thing,” said Mathew Caldwell, a longtime tech industry recruiter and founder of Talent Remastered and Rocket Power, an executive search and consulting firm.

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