Silicon Valley Business Journal – Software Engineer Salaries Grew Even More In 2014

on 02 | 05 | 2015

If you’re looking for trends in tech, a good place to start is with data on engineering hires–and we’ve got that covered. We took a look back at our data from 2014 to figure out average salaries, highest paying roles and skills, and funding stage and position (among other things) and created an infographic to break it all down. The folks at Silicon Valley Business Journal picked up the graphic and featured the interesting stats.

(Silicon Valley Business Journal) – Software engineer salaries grew even more in 2014; Exodus to SF continued

Software engineers’ salaries at many Bay Area startups are holding strong, and they continue to flock north to San Francisco for jobs, according to San Francisco-based recruiting firm Riviera Partners.

Salaries at companies with seed and Series A funding remained steady from 2013 to 2014, with software engineers at companies receiving an average of $117,000 at seed-funded companies and $125,000 at Series A-funded companies. In 2014, the average software engineer at a Series B-funded company made $142,000, up from $130,000 in 2013. Series C-funded companies paid programmers $137,000 salaries on average, up from $128,000 the previous year. The 2014 data came from more than 500 engineering roles at venture capital-backed Bay Area companies that work with Riviera.

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