Job Club: All the tools you need to fine tune your job search

on 02 | 19 | 2015

Job hunting is a lot easier when you know all the tricks of the trade, and that’s what you’ll learn from the Job Club MeetUp series. The series is hosted by Wendy Saccuzzo, a Career Development Specialist and Community Manager at Riviera, who offers insight into trends in the job search space. The goal of Job Club is for job seekers to gather and network about a specific topic related to job search. Wendy spends 15-20 minutes on a specific job search related topic, offers resources for the job seekers, and leads a discussion with attendees on any questions or concerns they have about their job search or career development.  It’s a great forum to practice introducing yourself and telling your story, while meeting others who are also immersed on job search.

Job Club:  Telling Your Story on Thursday, February 26th at noon

Job Club:  Job Search Strategy on Tuesday, March 3rd at 4pm

Job Club:  Twitter on Thursday, March 12 at noon

Job Club:  Interviews on Thursday, March 19th at 4pm

Job Club:  Networking on Thursday, March 26th at noon

Job Club:  Salary & Negotiation on Tuesday, March 31st at 4pm