socaltech – Calling All Engineering Grads

on 05 | 29 | 2014

Eric Larson, one of our Partners in Los Angeles, is rapidly growing the Riviera presence in Southern California, and recently shared his thoughts on the state of the tech down south with socaltech. He makes the case to consider the many promising startups, comparable salaries and continued VC activity in the area when pondering your next career move. As tech continues to grow down south, the LA market is absolutely a serious contender for top talent.

(socaltech) Calling all engineering grads: There’s lots of work in LA

Out of the top 20 schools for engineering, five of those are located in Southern California, but many of the graduates of these schools have felt the need to move north to pursue their careers. It’s no secret that the that Silicon Valley has played host to the vast majority of hot–and hiring–technology companies over the past ten years.

However, there’s a new trend emerging that’s full of good news for tech workers who want to stay in sunny Southern California, and that’s the continued appearance of promising startups such as Hulu, Age of Learning, Snapchat and Scopely, not to mention high visibility exits and IPOs such as Maker Studio, EdgeCast and the Rubicon Project. In fact, Los Angeles is ranked third among 20 international startup ecosystems based on levels of funding, startup numbers, company performance and entrepreneur demographics.

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