Startup Market Snapshot: San Francisco vs. The Rest

on 07 | 10 | 2012

Nothing comes easy when you are running a tech startup – whether it’s bringing your product to life, raising capital, finding talent, competing for market share, or any of the other thousands of endeavors, each facet comes with its own set of unique challenges. Because on our experience and unique perspective, we have recently been asked one specific question with growing frequency: “Where should I start my next startup?”

To help answer this question, we have taken a historical look at engineering candidate data in efforts to help growing startups determine where they should open an office. We have compiled some interesting factors about the Silicon Valley’s landscape that founders and CEO’s may want to consider before committing to their first (next) office space. Utilizing engineering candidate data from the past 18 months, we have outlined some interesting data points – and with the help of Cushman & Wakefield, we have included some very compelling real estate data, as well.

Bay Area Startup Market Snapshot