Tech Community Workshop: Job Search for Engineers

on 02 | 26 | 2014

Embarking on or in the middle of your job search for an engineering role? Riviera’s own Wendy Saccuzzo is offering a free weekly workshop that can help. Job Search for Engineers takes the mystery out of the job search and interview process, helping tech professionals feel confident as they look for work. So if you’re nervous about interviewing or need to polish up your resume, look no further.

At the workshops, Wendy teaches engineers how to verbalize their skills, values and experience; how to work effectively with a recruiter; and what their resources are to find jobs in the tech community in the Bay Area. The sessions are offered at Riviera’s San Francisco office every Wednesday (except March 12) at 12:30 p.m., with a bonus session this Thursday, February 27 at 5:30 p.m.

Attendees have really enjoyed the sessions so far:

“Wendy is very well spoken and has a vast amount of knowledge she is happy to share.  I already feel more confident in my job search after the brief presentation.” — Berny Werntges

“Wendy worked with me to help build my resume and find positions at startups in the Bay Area. Her feedback, resources, and encouragement were invaluable and I landed a fantastic job in no time at all.” — Ryan Prince

“Wendy is very professional, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Her positive attitude inspired me a lot..” — Melissa Chang

In addition to the weekly workshops, Wendy offers private, individual career counseling in-house. She specializes in helping those who are trying to transition back into the workforce, or those who are interested in working in tech but have backgrounds in other disciplines. The counseling sessions are great option if you need help polishing your portfolio or want to improve your soft skills for interviewing.

Starting next month, Wendy will also begin a workshop on utilizing social media in your job search. Stay tuned for more info on that in the coming weeks.

For more information, you can reach Wendy via email or by phone at 415-848-9251.