TechBeacon – 4 ways to recruit and retain software engineers

on 08 | 19 | 2015
So you’ve learned how to recruit the best software engineers to your team; now the trick is keeping them there. After hiring, retention is the critical factor to ensure you keep churning out great product. Beyond the obvious–fair comp packages and perks like catered lunches–there are a few less tangible ways you can keep people motivated and engaged at your company. TechBeacon lays them out–with a little help from Rivi Technical Recruiter, Tonya Shtarkman. 

(TechBeacon) – 4 ways to recruit and retain software engineers

Shipping a continuous stream of great software requires more than just hiring top software engineers. You need to recruit and keep them for the long haul, as well as motivate them to solve new problems in creative and efficient ways.

“Catered lunch and free drinks and snacks are almost a requirement in the startup world today,” says Tonya Shtarkman, lead technical recruiter at Riviera Partners, a San Francisco-based recruiting firm. So are other perks such as areas for employees to socialize, quiet rooms for focus, toys and games, showers, and exercise equipment.

Assuming that you’ve met such “checklist” items and are paying market wages, here are four less tangible ways to recruit, motivate, and retain your best software engineers.

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