The 3 Characteristics of Elite Executive Search Partners

on 03 | 05 | 2019

In my 17+ years in the space, I’ve never seen the market more competitive. One thing that hasn’t changed is that the best firms find the right talent. Executive search firms need to have the access and insight to identify, attract and hire talent. But what sets the elite firms apart? Even more important, what firm will be the best partner for your search?

Riviera Partners works with some of the most talented, innovative, and transformative companies on the planet. Here’s what they say sets us apart:

1. Specialization

Focus is fundamental to executive search, after all, there are no generalist technology leaders. Specialization is equally important with your search partner. You want a firm with decades of experience in the functional domain in which you need to hire. In engineering, product and design searches, demonstrated achievement is as important as leadership experience…this applies to both candidates and your executive search partner.

2. Strong Cultural Values

Most firms have a corporate mission statement, but only the best firms clearly demonstrate their cultural values. The four core values most important at Riviera Partners are empathy, transparency, grit and pride. They allow us to deliver the best service and experience to help companies and people reach their potential. We look for these qualities in new our new hires, corporate partners, and candidates. We also foster them in our employees. 

3. Man & Machine

Human is the man, technology is the machine. Man is investigative, creative, and collaborative. It’s trust, experience, and ability. Machine is turning data into action, uncovering new insights, enabling collaboration, and increasing velocity. Elite firms know how to strike a balance between man and machine.  Over the past 17 years, we’ve been committed to finding the right people and systems to make this goal a reality.

The primary directive for any executive search is to find you the right candidate as quickly as possible utilizing access and insight. Specialization, strong values, man & machine are the factors that separate the great from the good. Be sure to identify these in your next executive search partner.