The Great Riviera Flood

on 10 | 07 | 2011

Just the other day, we hosted our Quarterly Kickoff meeting – presentations were assembled, all hands from across the country had flown in; we were ready to kickstart the new quarter. And then this happened…office disaster.

It’s a little difficult to tell from the pictures, but one of the tenants upstairs had an epic water leak and we were unlucky enough to wake up to a soggy office. Carpets were soaked, desks were drenched, computers were fried and nerves were undoubtedly rattled. As a result, for the last 3 days, we have been scrambling to adjust to our new aquatic surroundings (a prolonged game of musical desks, juggling computers, sharing offices, you name it). But like the troopers they are, our team has been rolling with the punches and delivering the best service and experience as if nothing happened.

This being said, if it sounds like our recruiters are standing in a wind tunnel while talking to you on the phone, its because they pretty much are. The office is literally humming to the sounds of 7 or 8 industrial fans and a handful of de-humidifiers – a full scale effort to dry out the carpets and walls. So, if you happen to stop by the office, please excuse the temporary mess as we return to normalcy – we typically keep a much cleaner house than this!

After all was said and done, the rest of our kickoff event went swimmingly. We gathered for dinner and drinks at the fabulous Chambers restaurant in the Phoenix Hotel and everyone had a blast. Rest assured, we are pumped and on the path once again to changing lives! We’ve included a few pictures from the event – hope you enjoy!