The Guardian – The three biggest reasons staff leave

on 05 | 18 | 2015

The war for talent is real–especially when it comes to tech talent. And retaining that talent can be a challenge in and of itself. Did you know that engineers and developers are some of the highest paid people in the industry? We did. But when it comes down to hanging onto your talent, money doesn’t motivate. For the two other biggest reasons employees leave, check out this article in The Guardian.

(The Guardian) – The three biggest reasons staff leave

It is 2015 and a talent war is raging. Today, countless startups are seizing the opportunity to build big businesses. But the one thing that makes technology tick is people, and the factor that threatens to bring entrepreneurs’ dreams crashing down is a brain drain.

Tech talent, in particular, is crucial to sustaining the product or service that founders build. That’s why engineers and developers are some of the best-paid people in the industry. But when a newer, hotter company comes on the scene, employees’ eyes naturally start to wander. With recruiters actively using LinkedIn, it can only take the opening of a door for your key people to walk away.

So what are the main reasons staff say goodbye, and what does it take to keep them on board? I believe it comes down to three things:

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