Want to ace an interview and exude confidence? Be well prepared.

on 03 | 25 | 2024

Ready to put your best foot forward on your next interview? The best way to demonstrate confidence is to be confident going in; the key is to be well-prepared. Too often, candidates go into an interview without knowing who they are talking to, the line of questioning, or how they will respond to the basic questions. We checked in with Partner, Chris Rice for a few suggestions on how to ace your interview and demonstrate confidence by prepping in advance:

Know who you’re connecting with: Before interviewing, you should know who you will be talking to. Look the interviewer up on LinkedIn for common ground or shared contacts. You may have gone to the same school, worked at the same past employer, or have mutual contacts (that could be a reference point). Not only can this help develop rapport, but it demonstrates you have done your homework and can exude confidence.

Consider possible responses to potential questions: Depending on the interview topic, you can prep your responses based on a generic line of questioning. In the interview, show that you are an active listener. Before you respond, pause, ask clarifying questions, pause again, and then respond. Typically, the best way to respond to scenario or behavioral questions is to use the STAR method, which discusses the specific Situation, Task, Action, and Result of the situation you describe.

Do your research on the company & come with questions: Another important thing to remember going into an interview is that while the interviewer is assessing you, you should also assess the company. So, have well-thought-out questions for the interviewer.

Non-verbal skills are just as important as verbal skills: Confidence is also best shown with nonverbal cues. In an interview, sit up straight. Look at the interviewer when talking to them. Don’t fidget. Don’t speak too quickly. Take your time.

Good luck!