Women 2.0 – How to Build a Winning Core Startup Team

on 09 | 11 | 2014

(Women 2.0) – How to Build a Winning Core Startup Team

Success begins with a great idea, but you need to build a winning team in order to make that idea a reality, and that’s no small feat.

Hiring a core team requires making a solid recruiting plan. Recruiting strategy will vary depending on the goals of the leader and the skills and experience of the hiring manager, but there is some general advice that applies to almost every tech company.

I talked with Wendy Saccuzzo, Career Development Specialist and Community Manager at Riviera Partners, to get her thoughts on how to build a successful team.

Start with Great Engineers

“Since most new companies are tech-focused to start with these days, engineering is usually the first need,” says Wendy. “Building an engineering team will stabilize a company’s presence and build traction.”

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