Ali Behnam Recognized as Top Recruiter by Business Insider

on 02 | 14 | 2013

Managing Partner Ali Behnam was listed in Business Insider’s recent feature “10 People Who Can Get You The Best Jobs In Tech And Make You Rich” – a group of key individuals who keep the tech scene buzzing. If you’re a candidate seeking to land one of Silicon Valley’s best tech jobs, you’d be wise to contact us.

(Business Insider) – The war for talent has never been hotter in Silicon Valley. Sometimes a key hire can make the difference in when a company launches a product—or lands its next financing round.

Think we’re kidding? We know one late-stage company that waited to round out its management team before gunning for an eight-figure fundraising.

Even venture capitalists are taking a more hands-on role in recruiting, building up internal operations that keep their portfolio companies fueled with engineers, designers, and salespeople. Andreessen HorowitzGoogle Ventures, and others now have in-house “talent partners.”

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