Company Culture in 20 Minutes

on 03 | 18 | 2013

Riviera Partners has been fortunate enough to have had pleasure to share the last few years with Dr. David “Doc” Vik as our very own resident Culture and Strategy Advisor. Under his guidance, we have seen tremendous growth among across several different aspects of our business. We have leveraged his teachings to help us expand our client base, continually attract great talent, but most importantly, create a collaborative team culture that allows our business to reach its full potential. With the release of Doc’s new book, The Culture Secret, Svetlana Saitsky of Great Place To Work shares her own encounters with Doc and her first-hand account of the culture at Riviera Partners.

(Great Place to Work) – My Inspirational Culture Experience visiting the former Coach at Zappos

The last time I was in this particular office building in San Francisco, it was a completely different experience. I was sweating bullets, and not because I was nervous; it was because I was running to work at 7:28, worried that I would clock in one minute late and thus not get my commission for the month. Long story short: I left that company because the culture was based on distrust and fear, and it wasn’t working for me.

It’s three years later and I am sitting in a chair that reminds me of the famous “Royalty Chair” at Zappos, which I sat in when my team at Delivering Happiness toured the Zappos facilities last year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here I am, one year later speaking with Dr. David Vik, a wildly-successful Chiropractor, turned Zappos Culture Coach, turned Chief Strategy Officer at Riviera Partners and author of a book called The Culture Secret. The book is about empowering people and workplaces, and helping create that WOW experience that has made the culture at Zappos so coveted.

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