All You Need to Know About Twitter for Job Search

on 02 | 26 | 2015

When you think of social media for your job search, LinkedIn is probably the first thing to come to mind. But it’s worth taking advantage of other networks as well. One of those is Twitter. It’s a tool all job seekers should be using as part of their job search strategy. Sharing thoughts and content on Twitter can help to establish you as an expert in your field; you can tweet original content in 140 characters or less per tweet, or retweet articles and ideas of others in your area of interest to grow your following in your area of expertise. Additionally, fine tuning your news feed gives you the “inside scoop” in real time.

One tip is to follow companies you want to work for to find out about events they will be present at, what roles they are hiring for, and whatever else they are tweeting about to expand your knowledge and insight into what you could offer if you were to work there. Be sure to demonstrate in interviews how you can contribute based on knowledge you’ve gained from following them. Lists are another key tool into keeping your search and feed curated to your area of interest.

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