AlleyWatch – How to Sell Yourself to a Startup

on 06 | 12 | 2014

There’s a lot to be said for working at a startup. More ownership, a close-knit company culture and the opportunity to get involved in various areas of the business to name few. But if you’re transitioning from the corporate world, it’s important to be prepared for a big change in the way things are done. It’s critical that you not only take time to evaluate the transition, but also know what it takes to be an attractive candidate to this type of company. For an in-depth take, check out this article on AlleyWatch penned by our New York lead Kevin Bijas.

(AlleyWatch) – How to Sell Yourself to a Startup

Working at a startup is very appealing to many people, and it’s not hard to see why. Startups generally offer more responsibility, more opportunity to give input in a variety of areas, and an utter lack of the endless bureaucracy and red tape required to get things done at larger companies – not to mention the close-knit culture and casual dress code.

However, it takes a particular type of person to thrive in this environment, and if you’re transitioning from corporate, it’s time to reset your expectations. You need to know that the job is going to look and feel completely different. You can’t walk in and expect to be in your comfort zone. Before you make the move, it’s important to step back and make a very clear comparison between your current role and the new role.

Sure, startups can seem like a fun idea and look very attractive equity-wise, but it’s critical that you’re passionate about the product or the company. These positions require a ton of hard work, and people can burn out quickly, if they’re not prepared. This and the potential culture shock is why hiring managers at startups specifically look for people with previous startup experience.

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